Mother's Day Cake Rolls

Mothers and flowers are very similar in nature. They both are gifts to mankind. Associating both of them is almost intuitive, and as a matter of fact we happen to celebrate our lovely mothers right at the peak of spring season. It’s kind of hard to ignore it, right? So here we are, back with our Mother’s Day specials and this time around with some flowery cake rolls. 🌷


For this year we came up with beautiful and balanced flavors using lavender flower, jasmine flower and orange blossom. Lavender representing devotion, serenity and grace while jasmine means love and beauty. Orange blossom represents purity and moral virtue. There isn’t a more accurate description of motherhood than these flowers. 

Happy Mother's Day! 🌺

Moms, you deserve the world for putting up with us everyday! 🤗💛



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