Brazilian Desserts: Creative Alternatives To The Traditional Birthday Cake

Traditionally, birthday cakes are the staple of any birthday celebration, from kids to adults. 

However, while the traditional layer cake is something people have used for generations, that trend may be shifting as people look for alternatives like Brazilian desserts to help make their celebration memorable.

Brazilian cake roll

For your next birthday, or if you’re throwing a party for someone, at Kouklet we have a list of alternatives to consider that will make your party a hit. 

If you're interested in trying something new for your next birthday celebration, here are a few other alternatives to traditional birthday cakes that you may want to consider:

  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Fruit Tart
  • Cupcake Tower
  • Donut Tower
  • Iced Cookies
  • Brazilian Desserts: The Bolo de Rolo and many others

Ice Cream Cake

A simple alternative to the sheet cake is one made from ice cream as the base. An ice cream cake is a fun, refreshing alternative made of layers of ice cream and cake and then topped off with chocolate, fruit toppings, whipped cream, and sprinkles. 

Since the main ingredient is ice cream, these cakes are an excellent option for warmer months and can be customized with different flavors of ice cream and toppings. 

Fruit Tart

For the person looking for a light, fresh-tasting, and less sweet dessert than a cake or ice cream cake, then a fruit tart is perfect for those who prefer less sweet. 

A fruit tart is made from a crisp pastry crust that is filled with a creamy custard, often topped with fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or kiwi for a more exotic topping. These tarts are an elegant and beautiful desert that can be customized to be individual-sized or large enough to share with your guests.

Cupcake Tower

Similar to a fruit tart, if the idea of having individual servings is something you’re looking for, then a great alternative is a cupcake tower. 

The flexibility you have with cupcakes is that you can have multiple styles and flavors for guests with all different preferences, and cupcakes also allow for easy customization. With the flexibility of a cupcake tower, you can personalize each cupcake for the guests and the center of attention to enjoy and have a memorable experience. 

Brazilian pastriesAnd best yet, these tiny desserts are easy to serve and eliminate the mess of cutting and serving portions to all the party guests! 

Donut Tower

Like the cupcake tower, a donut tower is a fun, playful twist on a traditional birthday cake. You have a ton of variability and flexibility when you stack different flavored donuts into a tower. 

By offering a variety of types, flavors, and toppings, you allow your guests to pick their favorite donut from the stack. 

Iced Cookies

Another fun, creative alternative to the traditional birthday cake is iced cookies. Offering customized sweets that come in various colors, designs, flavors, and themes is a great way to make for a memorable celebration. 

These sweet treats are visually appealing and easy to serve, and you can even have them wrapped as party favors for guests to take home. 

Choosing iced cookies as an alternative to a birthday cake can add a unique and personalized touch to any celebration.

Brazilian Desserts 

If you’re considering moving away from the standard fare and looking for alternatives when ordering your birthday cake, consider going exotic with Brazilian desserts and pastries. 

These regional treats are unique and delicious alternatives to traditional birthday cakes that will surely impress your guests. 

Brazilian bakery

One popular Brazilian dessert is Brigadeiro, a staple of celebrations and birthdays in Brazil—made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate sprinkles, rich and creamy chocolate truffle that is easy to make and customizable to suit every preference. 

Another unique Brazilian dessert is the Beijinho, which is similar to the Brigadeiro but with a tropical twist. This coconut truffle is made with condensed milk, coconut flakes, butter, and coconut milk to make a sweet and creamy treat.

Bolo de Rolo

Bolo de Rolo translates to "roll cake" in English and is a traditional Brazilian dessert from the northern region of the country that is a delicious alternative to the traditional cake.

Composed of a thin sponge cake and topped with any combination of toppings before being rolled up, creating a spiral effect and aesthetic. Often, the traditional filling of this roll cake consists of sweet guava paste before being rolled and sliced into pieces. 

bolo de rolo

At Kouklet, this Bolo de Rolo cake roll is entirely customizable. It traditionally comes as a guava-based Brazilian dessert, but chef Mardhory Santos-Cepeda's expertise takes these Brazilian pastries to a whole new level. 

Bolo de Milho

Bolo de Milho, or a Corn Cake, is a more traditional Brazilian pastry because corn is a central food source for many of Brazil’s cuisines. 

Made from flour, eggs, butter, yeast, sugar, and milk, the combination creates a moist,  flavorful cake with a sweetened corn taste. It is traditionally serviced during Festa Junina festivities at the end of June (June 24).

Or, if you’re looking for something sweet and savory, the Coxinha is a popular Brazilian snack of deep-fried dough that is stuffed with cream cheese and shredded chicken. 

Fubá Cake 

The Bolo de Fubá cake is historically significant, and dates back hundreds of years to when wheat was a scarce and expensive commodity. 

This cake, made of corn flour, became a staple in many households as an alternative to wheat-based traditional cakes. The use of corn flour in place of regular flour gives the fubá cake its distinctive yellow color and unique flavor that has become beloved by many.

Brazilian desserts

When it comes time to make your birthday cake order, you can go with traditional sheet cakes or make something wholly memorable, especially with the creative Brazilian pastries from Kouklet Bakery.

You can get a traditional Bolo de Rolo or create a pick-six or pick-12 to make your birthday party an incredible celebration. 



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