Bolo de Rolo: Exploring Brazilian Desserts From Kouklet Bakery

If you’re a foodie or interested in learning more about the culinary and gastronomy of other areas worldwide, Brazil provides a wealth of opportunity. 

Known for bold flavors and vibrant ingredients that match the culture, on top of a rich culinary history, Brazilian desserts are no exception. Especially the Brazilian pastries, like the delicious Bolo de Rolo, which is a traditional, rolled cake from the northeastern part of the country in a state known as Pernambuco. 

Brazilian desserts

Even though this delicacy is native to Brazil, it’s now widely available in North America and brought by Chef Mardhory Santos-Cepeda. It combines traditional flavors with contemporary ingredients, and this stand-out dessert is widely available from Kouklet Brazilian Bakehouse in Philadelphia. 

So, what is the Bolo de Rolo? Let’s take a look. 

The Bolo de Rolo

The traditional cake roll of Brazil, known as Bolo de Rolo, is a thinly rolled, delicate, moist cake often filled with the traditional fillings of a sweet guava. At the heart of this delicious dessert, Bolo de Rolo, is the simplicity of design and limited ingredients. 

The Bolo de Rolo is one of the most famous Brazilian desserts and holds a special place in Brazilian customs and culture. 

While the exact date of its origins is unknown, this dessert is a fusion of a delicate pastry brought over by the Portuguese and incorporated into Brazilian cuisine and flavors. 

It is considered an adaption of a popular dessert in Portugal that hails from the 17th century, known as the “Bride’s Mattress,” or colchão de noiva.

The colchão de noiva is famous as a dessert served at weddings, birthdays, and other significant and festive occasions to bring a symbol of celebration, joy, and unity to the festivities, making the Bolo de Rolo transcend itself from being simply a dessert to something much more cherished. 


Bolo de Rolo

And, while it may look similar to a jelly roll due to its multiple layers that are rolled together, making a spiral appearance, it is much more than that. These sheet cakes are filled with guava paste rather than jelly before being topped with granulated sugar.

The technique for these Brazilian desserts involves layering the thin sheet cake batter on top of each other and baking them until done. Then, the filling is slathered on, and the cakes are rolled to create a wonderful, visually appealing, delicious spiral pattern. 

Unlike traditional sheet cakes with a fruit filling, each bite of a Bolo de Rolo offers the perfect combination of cake and filling, making this Brazilian dessert a wonderful, delicious treat. 

The most traditional recipe is comprised of a light, fluffy cake with hints of citrus and vanilla before being layered with a generous amount of guava paste and dusted in granulated sugar. 

But what makes the Bolo de Rolo such an incredible option is the versatility of the cake roll with a commitment to quality; Chef Mardhory Santos-Cepeda has taken his passion for Brazilian desserts and contemporized them for a local, metropolitan palette. 

At Kouket Bakery, Chef Mardhory Santos-Cepeda has transformed the most traditional Brazilian desserts into a wide variety of offerings, including some very American flavors. 

Vanilla Birthday Cake: A new twist on the traditional sheet cake, this Bolo de Rolo is one of the most requested Brazilian desserts at Kouklet. Made from layers of funfetti and topped with Vanilla brigadeiro, a Brazilian delicacy melts in your mouth. It is usually a truffle-shaped confection, but here is a silky, buttery spread. 

Double Chocolate: Layers of thin chocolate sheet cake topped with buttery Chocolate brigadeiro spread make this a chocolate lover’s dream. Typically, a brigadeiro is a dessert in and of itself, but with this twist on the classic concept, the flavors of brigadeiro are used as a silky spread.

Milk and Cookies: One of the best pairings in dessert land is milk and cookies, and here we’ve taken that to another level. Made with a combination of milk brigadeiro and cookie crumbles from our in-house cookies, this roll is a perfect combination of dark chocolate and cream.  

Traditional Guava: The classic Bolo de Rolo, traditional guava flavors are lathered over rich, thin layers of butter cake to create a timeless masterpiece. Kouklet imports guava from Brazil to make this delicious treat as authentic as can be. Get a cake or a slice and enjoy the flavors of Brazil.

Orange and Caramelized Milk: This cake roll, known as Doce de Leite in Portuguese, combines orange zest and caramelized milk to blow your mind with every bite. Another classic, Orange and Caramelized Milk, is a refreshing option for an afternoon snack, holiday, or perfect for your next special event. 

Passion Fruit Cake: The Passion Fruit Bolo de Rolo is a perfect blend of sweet and tart. The smooth, buttery cake combined with the tartness of passion fruit brings the taste of the tropics and northern Brazil to your mouth. 

Pretzel and Salted Caramelized Milk, aka The Philly Cake Roll: A Philadelphia special, the combination of salty and sweet will entice you with every bite. Using salted caramel and crusted with pretzels to create this mouthwatering masterpiece. 

There is even a Vegan option! 

The Carrot and Chocolate cake roll is a sure-fire hit for people looking at alternative options from the traditional milk and egg associated with most cakes. 

In addition to these options, there is a cake of the month, where Chef Santos-Cepeda creates an imaginative twist to shake up expectations about this delicacy. 

Made from scratch using time-tested techniques, each Bolo de Rolo at Kouklet’s Brazilian Bakehouse is a mouthwatering, decadent dessert that will tantalize the taste buds with every bite. 

Brazilian desserts

As interest in international cuisine grows, Brazilian desserts like the Bolo de Rolo will increase, with people eager to discover new treats and flavors. The intricate design and delicious flavors have made this dessert a favorite in Brazil and will grow with food enthusiasts as people expand their culinary education and horizons. 

At Kouklet Bakery, Chef Mardhory Santos-Cepeda combines the classic approach to Brazilian desserts with a contemporary twist. 

Whether you’re looking for a delicious dessert for a special occasion, your next holiday, or something to snack on, the Bolo de Rolo is an incredible option. 

From whole cake rolls to mixed bag options that come in either 6 or 12-build-your-own slice options, Kouklet makes ordering this delicate, timeless dessert easy. You can even get a cake roll with delicious housemade traditional cookies like the Goiabinha and Sequilhos and get a taste of Brazil without traveling there. 

At Kouklet Brazilian Bakery in Philadelphia, Chef Mardhory Santos-Cepeda brings the classic, traditional flavors of Brazilian desserts with a contemporary, modern twist to Philadelphia and beyond. 



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