9 Unique Brazilian Desserts Known As Bolo de Rolo From Kouklet

If you’re looking to celebrate a birthday or significant event, one of the essentials is to have a traditional layer cake with icing to help commemorate the occasion.  But for some people finding fun alternatives to the birthday standard and looking around for other options, Kouklet Brazilian Bakehouse is perfect for you. 

Instead of the regular layer cake, we specialize in Brazilian desserts at Kouklet, and one of our exceptional options is the Bolo de Rolo. This cake is rolled to offer layers of flavor in every bite. 

bolo de rolo

What makes this special cake unique is its unique combination of textures and flavors, as each bite is packed with layers of flavor, especially compared to a standard sheet cake. 

For example, with a standard cake, the icing is layered on top of the cake, while with a Bolo de Rolo, the birthday cake roll has a spiral of icing throughout the roll, giving you delicious flavors in each bite! 

A Brief History Of The Bolo de Rolo

So, what exactly is the history of the Bolo de Rolo? As a traditional Brazilian dessert, the Bolo de Rolo bears its roots in Brazilian culinary heritage and has been enjoyed in Brazil for generations. 

Bolo de Rolo, also known as a Brazilian cake roll, is from the northeast region of Brazil, in the state of Pernambuco. 

Originating from the 19th century, this delicious dessert has been a staple of pastry chefs for generations. While the exact origins are unclear, the influences of Portuguese recipes and techniques are clear.

This delicacy requires extreme skill and precision and is an integral part of the region's cultural identity. The Bolo de Rolo is unique because it’s made with thin layers of cake slathered with a sweet filling before being rolled together. 

Traditionally, the roll is made with a guava filling that is layered on top of the cake, which adds a delicious, sweet flavor and makes the rolls aesthetically pleasing.  

But at Kouklet, we’ve experimented with various fillings, including chocolate, buttercream, vegan carrot & chocolate, and even passion fruit, to provide a contemporary twist on this classic.

Kouklet’s Top Bolo de Rolo Options For Any Occasion

Regardless of the occasion, we have many options for you to celebrate and enjoy a Bolo de Rolo. 

Whether you’re looking for a birthday cake roll or something delicious to enjoy, we offer various delicious options, including traditional, fruit-filled, chocolate, and vegan options, and the Philly cake roll, a unique combination of pretzel and salted caramelized milk. 

No matter your taste preferences, there's a perfect Bolo de Rolo cake roll.

Our Top Bolo de Rolo Cake Rolls For Any Occasion

Vanilla Birthday Cake Roll

The Vanilla Birthday Cake Roll is a twist on our classic Brazilian desserts, where we layer a funfetti cake filled with vanilla brigadeiro or classic sweet filling. Like all our cakes, each vanilla birthday cake roll has all-natural ingredients and no artificial colors, including our sprinkles used to add a pop of fun color throughout the Bolo de Rolo. 

This delicacy is our most requested and fun roll, so when it comes time for a birthday cake roll, impress your guests with the Vanilla Birthday Cake Roll at Kouklet. 

Classic Guava

birthday cake roll

This traditional Bolo de Rolo is made with thin layers of cake spread with a sweet guava jam before being rolled. You can taste the Brazilian bakery history in every bite.

Flavor Of The Month

Every month, our chef, Mardhory Santos-Cepeda, comes up with a unique pairing of traditional flavors and makes a special Bolo de Rolo. 

Some options may be classic to a Brazilian bakery in the northern part of the country, or we may experiment to come up with one of our uniquely designed pairings like our Vegan Carrot and Chocolate Cake Roll (more on that later). 

Double Chocolate Cake Roll 

For chocolate lovers, the Double Chocolate Cake Roll is made of thin chocolate cake and spread with a chocolate brigadeiro or soft chocolate truffle spread, making every bite a chocolate lover's dream. 

Of all the Brazilian desserts, the Double Chocolate Cake Roll is ideal for eating warm and topped with a scoop of ice cream! 

Orange and Caramelized Milk Cake Roll

Another of our traditional Bolo de Rolo, the Orange and Caramelized Milk Cake, is made with zesty layers of buttery cake with sweet orange and caramelized sugar. 

You’ll taste the flavors of orange, milk, and sugar in every delicious bite, celebrating the culture and flavors of Brazil with our Dolce de Leite–the local name for this decadent dessert. 

Milk and Cookies

This long-awaited cake roll combines the timeless flavors of cookies and cream in every scintillating bite. Made with the classic milk brigadeiro, a sweet, soft, condensed milk truffle, we rolled this with buttery layers and dusted it with housemade dark chocolate cookies to pair perfectly with every bite. 

Passion Fruit

Another timeless classic found in a Brazilian bakery, the Passion Fruit Cake Roll is made with the tart flavors of passion fruit layered on the taste of sweet buttery cake to provide you with a light but tasty treat. 
The Philly Cake Roll–Pretzel and Salted Caramelized Milk

Our in-house specialty, the Philly Cake Roll, is made with our buttery cake, layered with crushed pretzel bits, and filled with salted caramelized milk so that every bite is the perfect blend of salty and sweet. 

This tasty treat is hugely popular and is unique to Kouklet. 

Vegan: Carrot and Chocolate Cake Roll

For the vegan diet, we offer our Carrot and Chocolate Cake Roll. The unique blend of spongy carrot cake and layers of dark chocolate ganache will have you taste a perfect balance of dark chocolate, coconut, and carrot in every morsel. 

Bonus: Build Your Own 

We suggest the build-your-own option for the person who wants a little bit of everything or is trying to choose the perfect cake roll. For a birthday cake roll or another event, combine flavors in combinations of 6 different slices or 12 slices and have the ideal variety pack for any occasion. 

Brazilian desserts

Whether you’re in Philly or not, we ship our Bolo de Rolo delicacy nationwide.

So now, no matter where you are in the United States, you can enjoy the soft, buttery cake made with locally sourced Kouklet's flour, butter, and eggs.   

When it’s time to celebrate a life event or, get a tasty treat, or if you need to order a cake for a birthday, the Bolo de Rolo is the perfect alternative to traditional pastries and cakes. 

Savor the unique flavors of our classic Brazilian desserts from Kouklet Brazilian Bakehouse and enjoy one of our delicious birthday cake rolls or the month's flavor. If you’re still unsure what flavor to choose, select from our build-your-own slices. 

We have a wide variety of Bolo de Rolo options from Kouklet.

If you’d like to know more about the history of the Bolo de Rolo or have an insider’s view of the coming flavor of the month, keep up with our stories at Kouklet Brazilian Bakery today!



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